People and their clothes!

Why do people want to wear clothes?  I know they don’t have fur like us rabbits do to keep ’em warm.  But why do they have to be fancy?  And dressing up like something else?  What’s up with that?  Last night I saw humans dressing up like animals.  I saw kids dressing up like a panda, a monkey, a giraffe, and even a T-Rex!  (Even though I’ve never seen a dinosaur in real life.)  I was hopping around the website yesterday and I saw that people clothes are even getting books written about them.  Tess, the Princess Dress!

The first book in the picture book series Chronicles of the Clothes Mind,
Tess, the Princess Dress will be released November 2017! Tess is the first book from the picture book series Chronicles of the Clothes Mind by Lia Brent .

Btw, I haven’t met a princess in real life either.  Yet.

One of the books I found in the old shed had pictures of a rabbit wearing clothes and he was losing all his clothes in this human’s garden.  I was laughing so hard!  Why did a human draw pictures of rabbits wearing clothes?

If it’s fine by you all, I’m just gonna hide out in my place next Halloween night.  I wouldn’t want some human thinking they could dress me up for Halloween!


(Publisher: via Rabbit translator)